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Industry Specialists

At Lazar Accounting Solutions, we believe in the power of diverse expertise. That's why we're proud to serve a wide range of industries, from startups to established corporations. No matter your field or business size, our team of experienced professionals is ready to handle your financial needs.

What our clients say

“Sandra automated our books and helped us recover funds we did not even know were outstanding. I would recommend Sandra’s services to any business looking to increase profits.”
— Manhattan General Contractor
“Sandra set up our law firm’s financials in a very detailed manner so that we can see our profits by the service we provide. Sandra reviews our financials with us on a regular basis so that we are constantly staying on track & exceeding our financial goals.”
— Ron Lazar, Esq. Lazar Grunsfeld Elnadav LLP

A Champion for Your Small Business Success

Sandra Lazar has a rich tapestry of experience as a CFO with over two decades of deep financial experience to the table. From the nitty-gritty of startups to the expansive landscapes of large enterprises, she’s navigated them all, across a multitude of industries. Now, she’s channeling that wealth of knowledge into a singular mission: To empower you, the small local business owner, with strategic financial insights. Your financial health is her top priority, and she’s here to make sure your business flourishes.
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