Client Reviews

Sandra helped me set up my books and handled the sales tax return for me. The Process was very simple and affordable. I look forward to working with Sandra on my bookkeeping & accounting going forward.
— Morris Haddad, Highland Stickers

I would give 6 stars if I could! Once my law firm switched over to Sandra at Lazar Accounting, it took a load of responsibility off my shoulders. Sandra is as thorough and responsive as they come and I fully trust her to continue keeping my books in order.

— Samuel Calvo, Calvo Law Group, PLLC

I have had the pleasure of working with Sandra on an attorney escrow audit. She is thorough and efficient. Sandra was instrumental in assisting the client’s firm in implementing more organized record-keeping policies to stay in compliance with the Rules of Professional Conduct and currently assists the client with ongoing bookkeeping needs. I highly recommend Sandra–she is excellent at what she does.

— Kaylin L. Whittingham, Esq.

Lazar Accounting and bookkeeping service has been an indispensable partner since day one that we opened our retail store. Their unwavering reliability, trustworthiness, and genuine care for our business have made them an invaluable asset. We highly recommend their services to anyone seeking top notch accounting support.

— Manhattan Retailer

Sandra is a thorough and capable professional. She is experienced in managing finances and producing accurate and timely financial reports in both real estate specific businesses and in general operating businesses. Her specific knowledge of real estate accounting and the fundamentals of the underlying assets make her an obvious fit for an RE firm looking for finance and accounting leadership.

— Ezra Dweck, President, Ice Cap Group

Sandra set up our nonprofit organizations in QuickBooks allowing us to see our cash flow clearly. Sandra also taught our bookkeepers to use QuickBooks regularly to maintain our books, reconciling the cash and bank accounts monthly. We went from using pen and paper to using QuickBooks Online. Thank you for bringing our finances into modern times!

— President of SLC Congregation

Sandra set up our law firm’s financials in a very detailed manner so that we can see our profits by the service we provide. This enabled us to increase profits in the first quarter of using Sandra’s service. Sandra reviews our financials with us on a regular basis so that we are constantly staying on track and exceeding our financial goals.

— Ron Lazar, Esq. Lazar Grunsfeld Elnadav LLP

Sandra computerized our books and set up an inventory system for our retail stores that enabled us to see our profits by item, department and store. This enabled us to sell more profitable items and increase our bottom line tremendously.

— David C Cohen, Bargain Man Stores

Sandra automated our books and helped us recover funds we did not even know were outstanding. I would recommend Sandra’s services to any business looking to increase profits.

— Brooklyn Contractor
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