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Real Estate

Whether you are a property owner, a developer or an investor, you likely face a range of unique challenges that require careful management, specialized knowledge, and strategic planning to overcome.

From accounting standards, tax regulations and financing options to economic uncertainty, property management, and technology, there are many factors that impact company financials and their ability to remain competitive in the marketplace.

By staying ahead of these challenges and taking a proactive approach, you can position yourself for long-term success in a dynamic and competitive industry. You just need the right specialist advisor by your side.

At Lazar Accounting Solutions, we can assist with the right financial advice in this volatile and challenging industry.

Why work with Lazar Accounting Solutions?


Specialist accountants with many years of experience working with real estate advisors and professionals.


We work closely with investors, developers, managers, and operators.

Tech Savvy

Experience working with property management programs (Appfolio, Yardi, Rent Manager etc).

Customized Solutions

Work with you to develop and implement customized property management systems.

Reporting Specialists

We help you see the important financials in the way you need to.

Profit Optimization

We help you to maximize the return on investment while minimizing tax liabilities.

Real Estate Advice

We understand all the unique aspects of the real estate business and industry.


We guide you on how to take advantage of unique tax benefits while remaining compliant with tax regulations.

Sandra is a thorough and capable professional. She is experienced in managing finances and producing accurate and timely financial reports in both real estate specific businesses and in general operating businesses. Her specific knowledge of real estate accounting and the fundamentals of the underlying assets make her an obvious fit for an RE firm looking for finance and accounting leadership.

— Ezra Dweck, President, Ice Cap Group

How we help our real estate clients

Sandra worked in a real estate investment business that acquired and managed over 40 residential properties.

During this time, she oversaw a team of 10 accountants who handled a variety of functions, such as rent collections, real estate tax payments, maintaining utilities and making sure they weren´t too high, and rent stabilization renewals and compliance with the rent stabilization laws.

Since the team was maintaining the financials for over 40 residential properties, they needed a reliable financial management system to keep track of expenses, payments, and compliance. Reporting was also a challenge, as they needed to generate separate reports for internal management of the properties as well as additional financials to show outside investors.

To overcome these challenges, we implemented property management programs – like Appfolio, Yardi, and Rent Manager – and this helped streamline their financial management process. In addition, they also generated comprehensive reports for both internal management and outside investors, providing a clear overview of each property’s financials.

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