Our MIssion

Lazar Accounting Solutions was established in 2022 to help small businesses take control of their finances.

From getting your books in order to implementing cloud-based software, we help you embrace this new era of accounting to keep you ahead of the game and maximize profits. When you understand your financial reports you can make sound business decisions in real time, which is essential for sustainable business growth.

We will help you create and implement a plan to move forward and get quantitative results. Tell me your targeted profit or desired business goal, and I will help you get there!

Our Story

Meet Sandra Lazar

A former CFO turned business owner, I have over 20 years of experience managing finance functions for small to large companies in a variety of industries. My goal is to help small business owners get the financial insights they need to build and grow a financially healthy and sustainable business.

During the Coronavirus Pandemic, many small businesses were faced with serious cash flow challenges. Challenges that most businesses had never faced before. I saw many business owners struggle because they did not have a grasp on their financials and, therefore, had a hard time managing cash flow, especially with income taking a nose dive while never-ending bills were piling up.

It was during this time, going beyond in service and providing proactive advice, that I realized I could make even more of an impact than I was currently making. And this is why Lazar Accounting Solutions was born.

Our Edge

Focusing on the future is what moves you forward.

Most accountants look at your past financials for tax purposes, and rightly so, as this is very important. But what we do is look beyond this. Using your past as the starting point, we look at your numbers to help you plan your profit moving forward.

Why work with us?

Honesty, Reliability & Accountability

You need a reliable partner to guide and support you (and hold you accountable), and that´s what we give you. However little or much you need us.

Warm Professionalism

Our approach to client service combines professionalism with a personal touch. We are friendly, attentive, and responsive to our clients´ needs.

Strategic Accounting & CFO Services

We go beyond typical bookkeeping. We help you make informed decisions to optimize your financial performance and achieve your long-term goals.

Build A Business & A Lifestyle

We help our clients achieve their desired lifestyle by maximizing their profits and minimizing their time spent on administrative tasks.

Extremely Detail-Oriented

We ensure all financial records are accurately recorded and accounted for, while paying close attention to small details that may easily be overlooked.
Ready to take control of your finances and grow your business?
Let us help you build a financially healthy and sustainable business that supports your desired lifestyle.
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