Accounting Solutions for

Professional Services

Accounting Services for Professionals

Professional service businesses are always looking to maximize profits, improve cash flow and build value into their businesses. Challenges in the industry include minimizing overhead costs, addressing costing issues, developing methods for key employee retention, sales and collections, all while trying to provide the best quality service.

Why work with Lazar Accounting Solutions?

Sandra Lazar

20+ years of experience with professional service businesses.

Proven History

We have a track record of success executing effective strategies for our clients.

Broad Abilities

From startups to the large enterprises, we have navigated them all, across a multitude of industries.


We will be your guide in adopting cloud-based accounting to empower you to make decisive business calls in the blink of an eye.


It’s not just about providing you with effective solutions, but acting as a trusted advisor dedicated to ensure your financial growth.

How we help our professional services clients

We offer a range of bookkeeping, accounting and advisory services from strategic planning to financial reporting.

Ready to take control of your finances and grow your business?
Let us help you build a financially healthy and sustainable business that supports your desired lifestyle.
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