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Law Firms

For many professionals, time is money - and attorneys are no exception.

In the legal world, where every minute can tip the scales of justice. Attorneys like you understand that time is as precious as gold. Whether you’re an independent trailblazer single handedly fighting legal battles or a part of a formidable partnership-based law firm, we know that the administrative complexities of bookkeeping and accounting can divert your attention from the legal work that truly matters. At Lazar Accounting Solutions, we’re not just about numbers and balance sheets, we’re about empowering legal professionals to excel without constraints. With our expert services, you’re not just keeping up with the competition, you’re setting the pace. 

So let us help you turn your focus back to law, while we take care of the numbers.

Why work with Lazar Accounting Solutions?


Specialist accountants for law firms and lawyers.


Many years of experience managing escrow accounts and handling escrow audits. Proficient in multiple programs, including Clio, Lean Law, Practice Panther & Trustbooks.


A range of accounting and advisory services for business start-ups to established firms.


Work with you to streamline your accounting systems, leading to better cash flow management.

Reporting Specialists

We help you see the important financials in the way you need to.

Key Data

We give you the date you need to make smart business decisions and increase your bottom line.

I would give 6 stars if I could! Once my law firm switched over to Sandra at Lazar Accounting, it took a load of responsibility off my shoulders. Sandra is as thorough and responsive as they come and I fully trust her to continue keeping my books in order.

— Samuel Calvo, Calvo Law Group, PLLC

Sandra set up our law firm’s financials in a very detailed manner so that we can see our profits by the service we provide. This enabled us to increase profits in the first quarter of using Sandra’s service. Sandra reviews our financials with us on a regular basis so that we are constantly staying on track and exceeding our financial goals.

— Ron Lazar, Esq. Lazar Grunsfeld Elnadav LLP

How we help our law firm clients

Providing accounting litigation support, we offer a range of bookkeeping, accounting, and advisory services from strategic planning to financial reporting.

We also assist attorneys with escrow account compliance, both preventative as well as in cases where ledgers are requested by the ethics committee.

Ready to take control of your finances and grow your business?
Let us help you build a financially healthy and sustainable business that supports your desired lifestyle.
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