Are You a Retailer?


Is the accounting in your business overwhelming you? 
Are the numbers just not adding up?
One client came to me this week and said his books showed a profit, yet he had no money 🤔
I cleaned up his books by reorganizing his chart of accounts and customized his reports to show profit by service offered, and it turns out…
…he was overstating his sales and not making anywhere near what he thought he was making 😢
Every service he was offering was being sold at a loss, so the more he sold, the more he lost.
It was crucial to this client that he got my help when he did, because his business couldn’t sustain this hit much longer. 
The moral of the story?
It really is key 🗝️ to understand your finances and what your true figures are at any given time. 
That’s the only way to make sound business decisions confidently.
If something isn’t adding up in your business or you want to see your finances clearly in real-time, drop a comment below 👇 or reach out to me directly (link is in the comments).
As a specialist in retail accounting, I can help👍

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