Business Start Up Costs


💼💡 Starting a business comes with various expenses, but did you know that many of them are tax-deductible? 

From initial investments to marketing expenses, understanding what qualifies as a deductible cost is key to optimizing your profitability. 

Not to mention – who doesn´t want to save money?!

Especially early on in a business venture that seems to have a lot more outgoings than in!

Here are 5 deductibles that most new business owners don´t know they can deduct:

🏡 Home office expenses 🏡 such as a percentage of your rent or mortgage, utilities etc

💰 Start-up costs 💰 such as market research, advertising, and legal fees in your first year of operation.

💼 Professional services 💼 such as fees paid to your accountants, lawyers and business consultants.

🎓 Education and training 🎓 such as the costs for workshops, conferences, courses etc.

💻 Software and technology expenses 💻 such as website development, cloud software subscriptions etc.

These deductibles are often overlooked, but they can significantly impact your bottom line.

So make sure to uncover every opportunity you can to save money.

Need help?

Let’s maximize your deductions and make every dollar count!

Together, we can ensure you’re making smart financial decisions that fuel your business’s growth in those crucial early stages 🌱📈

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