Messy Bookkeeping


Have you ever tried to work at a cluttered desk?

Or in a messy kitchen? 😩

It’s like searching for a needle in a haystack…

You waste precious time looking for what you need, and then when or if you find it, it’s really hard to focus and work efficiently within the mess 🤦

The same is true for your business finances.

If your books are in a mess – it can quickly become overwhelming and frustrating to deal with.

Not to mention, it makes it SO difficult to make informed decisions about your business’s future.

So how do you know that your books may be disorganized and causing you issues?? 📚

If the answer is yes, to one or more of these situations, you need to clean up your bookkeeping:

👉 I don’t reconcile monthly

👉 I struggle to find essential financial information

👉 I am always searching for receipts!

👉 I don’t know my exact balance in my accounts or how much I’m spending each month

👉 I don´t know if my business is profitable

These are just a few red flags that your bookkeeping is in a mess and that your books are holding you back!

If you need help getting back on track, reach out, as I am an expert in clean up 🧹😇

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