Navigating Sales Tax


Collecting sales tax in NY? 🗽💼

Filing your quarterly sales tax returns is due today, and it doesn’t have to be a headache!

Here’s how to navigate the process:

🗓️ Know Your Due Date

Determine your specific filing due date (as it can vary by state) and make sure to mark your calendar to stay on top of your obligations.

🔢 Report Accurately

Calculate how much sales tax you’ve collected in each state where you have a presence. Some states keep it simple, while others want a detailed breakdown by county and city.

🤖 Automate the Hassle

Consider tools like TaxJar, Avalara, or Taxify to streamline your sales tax compliance, especially if you sell across various platforms.

💻 File with Ease

When you’re ready to file, access your state’s filing system and follow the prompts. It’s a breeze once you’ve gathered the necessary info.

👀 Stay Flexible

Your filing frequency may change based on your sales volume. More sales means more frequent filings – so keep an eye out for any updates from state taxing authorities.

Don’t let sales tax filings overwhelm you!

With the right approach and tools, you can conquer your sales tax obligations like a pro.

Or reach out and ask for help 👇

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