Sales Tax Checkup


Since this week has been all about sales tax, let me give you a quick pro tip…

💡 Give your business an annual sales tax checkup!

What do I mean by this?

At least once a year, give your business a general sales tax review to double-check that you’re collecting and processing sales tax as efficiently as possible.

Here´s what you should look at:

🌐 Check Your Nexus

As your business expands, your sales tax footprint might grow too. Make sure you’re aware of all states where you have “nexus” – significant presence or economic activity.

💰 Collect with Confidence

Selling across various platforms? Ensure you’re collecting sales tax in all nexus states across your shopping carts and marketplaces.

🚀 Automate for Growth

Don’t let tax reporting bog you down. Automation tools like TaxJar, Avalara, or Taxify can liberate your time for business growth, not just compliance.

And that´s it!
A small task that can make a BIG difference.

A yearly checkup ensures you’re on top of your sales tax game, letting you focus on what truly matters – growing your business! 🌱💪

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