Starting a Business in Economic Downturns


Did you know that some of the most successful businesses were born during economic downturns? 

Microsoft, for example, was founded during a depression. 

And now it´s become the tech giant that we all know today.

Why I bring this up is because many would-be entrepreneurs see this instability in the market as the perfect excuse to shelve their dreams while they wait for things to blog over.

And while that may be true to some extent (meaning starting a business is difficult enough without the added obstacles of a recession)…

What many don’t know, is that there is even more opportunity than ever to deliver value.

How can I be so sure?

Because if history proves anything, recessions have actually served as a launchpad for some of the world’s most incredible businesses:

  • IBM
  • Disney 
  • HP
  • Hyatt 
  • FedEx

Just to name a few…

If you have a great business idea or dream of expanding your current venture, don´t let the current market hold you back.

This serves as a reminder that challenge can often be the catalyst for incredible growth 🌱📈  so let´s navigate this financial landscape together.

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