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Accounting Services for the Construction Industry

If you operate a construction management firm, or are a general contractor, subcontractor, residential developer, or own a business in the construction-related trades, you need an accounting firm that understands your business.

If your goal is to increase profitability, you’ve come to the right place. Sandra Lazar and the team at Lazar Accounting Solutions have the experience you need.

Why work with Lazar Accounting Solutions?

Sandra Lazar

Many years of experience working with construction companies helping them improve their profits.

Financial Success

Our team of experienced accounting professionals are ready to help you achieve the financial success you deserve.


Construction accounting can be very complex, so it’s important to work with an advisor that has the right experience.

Up-To-Date Strategies

We are dedicated to supporting our contractor clients with the most up-to-date financial strategies, specifically designed for the construction industry.

Personalized Service

In addition to traditional accounting, our professionals provide clients with one-on-one, personalized service.

Proactive Action

Our team meets regularly to discuss the newest developments and standards affecting the construction industry, allowing us to be proactive with our clients.

Flexible Service

From large construction companies to specialty contractors, Lazar Accounting has the knowledge to bring you the most advanced solutions.

Sandra automated our books and helped us recover funds we did not even know were outstanding. I would recommend Sandra’s services to any business looking to increase profits.

— Brooklyn Contractor

How we help our construction clients

We offer a range of bookkeeping, accounting and advisory services from strategic planning to financial reporting.

Ready to take control of your finances and grow your business?
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